Crewe LHPL 2019-20 Sponsored by Zen Financial Services


Playing record for Carl Grayson (Dishers GP)
Week Venue Frame Partner Opposition Opponent Result
3 Away 1 Singles Kings A Gary Talbot Won
4 Home 4 Singles Kings A Wayne Talbot Lost
4 Home 6 Jay Deaville Kings A Glyn Talbot & Gary Talbot (Lost)
6 Home 4 Singles Off The Rails B Tim Egerton Lost
6 Home 6 Tom Larcombe Off The Rails B Ian Craggs & Robert Shore (Won)
11 Away 5 Singles Raven Alan Bailey Won
11 Away 7 Jay Deaville Raven James Hill & Alan Bailey (Lost)
14 Home 2 Singles Underwood B Rob Cort Won
14 Home 7 Paul Larcombe Underwood B Phil Cort & Rob Cort (Won)
15 Away 1 Singles Off The Rails C Gareth Wood Lost
15 Away 7 Paul Larcombe Off The Rails C Gareth Wood & Phil Dorricott (Lost)
Singles: P6-W3-L3, Doubles: P5-W2-L3 W5-L6

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