Crewe Licensed Houses Pool League


Last amended: 28 February 2022

The league shall be known as the Crewe Licensed Houses Pool League (the league or the CLHPL).                               
The aim of the league is to promote and support pool in Crewe and the surrounding area.                               
THE COMMITTEE                               
The chairperson chairs all league meetings. In the event of a tied vote, the chairperson has the                                
casting vote.                               

The secretary is responsible for the administration of the league and the preparation of the fixtures.                               
The secretary will ensure the latest league tables and merits are updated and posted on the                               
 league's official website no later than midnight of the Wednesday following each week's games.

Along with the Assistant Secretary: both committee members are resposible for distributing info
that needs circulating to the team captains of the league.                          

The treasurer is responsible for all of the league's finances, including the collection and payment                                
of all cash (and fines) and should document all incomings and outgoings on a balance sheet for                               
presentation at each annual general meeting (AGM).                               

Knockout (KO) Organiser:                               
The KO organiser is responsible for the production of all the league's KO competitions.  This                               
includes the organisation of all finals nights and where possible the sponsorship of such events.                               

The webmaster will ensure all the league's events, news and KO draws are advertised on the                               
league's official website and Facebook page.  The webmaster will also liaise with all the other
committee members to ensure news and up-to-date league tables and merits are available for
all league members to view.                               
Five of the six committee members double up as a vice for one of the other five committee roles:                               
The treasurer is also the vice-chairperson; the webmaster is also the vice-secretary; the secretary                               
is also the vice-treasurer; the chairman is also the vice-KO organiser; and the KO organiser is also                               
the vice-webmaster.  This will ensure all committee roles are covered in any event.                               
The six committee members also act as an emergency committee that may act on any matter                               
deemed an emergency in between AGMs. Any decision given by the league's emergency                               
committee is final.                               
The committee may remove any committee member who is continually late or misses meetings,                               
or who is deemed unsuitable to serve on the committee by majority vote.                               
For any situation(s) not covered by this constitution, the committee will make a decision that, in                                
their opinion is necessary, beneficial and in the best interests of the league and its players.

Minor amendments can be made to the constitution with the majority agreement of the committee.

Major changes and full rule changes need to be agreed by the floor at the AGM.
Any decision given by the league's committee is final.                               
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS (AGMs)                               
The AGMs will follow the conclusion of each of the summer and winter league seasons.                               
The AGMs will confirm or reject any rule amendments or additions presented to it.                               
Proposals for rule amendments or additions must be put in writing to and received by the                                
secretary seven days before the date of the AGMs.  All proposals need to be seconded;                               
the seconder can not be from the same team as the proposer.                               
Each AGM will have the following agenda items:                               

Apologies announced by the chairperson                               
Chairperson's report                               
Treasurer's report                               
Secretary's report                               
Presentation of prizes and prize money, to be made by the chairperson                               
Committee re-elections (summer league only)                                                               
Proposals for rule changes/additions                               
New teams                               
All committee members will be elected/re-elected at the summer league's AGM.                               
It is mandatory that every team is represented at the AGMs by one team member to vote on                                
its behalf.  Additional team members may attend the AGMs as observers, but aren't permitted                               
to vote or enter discussions.                               
Any team not represented at an AGM will be subject to a fine of 10.                               
Each meeting/AGM must have a minimum quorum of 51% of the committee in attendance.                               
LEAGUE FORMAT                               
The league will consist of four divisions.  The divisions are designated:                               
division one, division two, division three and division four. Promotion (top two) and relegation (bottom two)
between seasons will apply but these numbers may be amended to accommodate numbers in divisions
whilst forming a new season, at the discretion of the committee.                               
The league will present perpetual trophies to the top divisional winners in addition to prize money to the                               
top three teams in each division in both the summer league and the winter league at each AGM.                               
All league trophies are the property of the league and any damage sustained to any trophy must be                               
paid for by the person who received the trophy. Trophies need returning a week before all AGMs.                               
Where teams finish on level points in a trophy/prize, promotional or relegation position in any division,                               
a play-off between the teams at a neutral venue will decide final positions. In other positions, teams                               
are ranked after points by matches won.  If still tied then teams are ranked by alphabetical order                               
for the sake of the league table.                               
If a team fails to complete a season, all the team's previously played matches are declared void and                               
the team's record and that of its players expunged.                               
The commencement date of each season will be decided at the AGMs.                               
At the start of each season, teams will pay an entry fee of 30 (this will automatically enter                               
each team into the team KO/trios KO).  Additionally, each team must pay players' registration                               
of 20. Teams can sign on as many players as they wish but must have a minimum of seven.                               
Applications for new teams entering the league will be decided at the AGMs.  New teams                               
entering the league will be subject to a 30 bond, this will be refunded after completion of all fixtures                               
in full.  New teams normally enter in the lowest division, or at the discretion of the committee.                               
All teams entering must have two players on the official Facebook site, so info and tables can be                               
made available to each team.  Also, on KO entry forms, all players must give their telephone number.                               
All new teams entering the league must have an adequate venue and table; furthermore, the                               
licensee must be a member of the local Pub-watch scheme and have been in the premises for at                               
least six months (or at the committee's discretion).

New venues normally can only enter one team, but this can be discussed and agreed at the AGM.

Any teams owing money to the league will not be able to compete until the debt is settled.                               
If a venue closes, the committee will try (where possible) to move the team to an existing venue                               
within the league until the season is completed.                               
PLAYER REGISTRATION                               
Players must be 14 years of age or more to play, however, it is at the discretion of the licensee                               
who is allowed in the venue to play and who isn't, this includes people barred from a venue.                               
New players can be signed on throughout the season by informing the secretary 24 hours before a game                               
(or on the back of an official result sheet providing both captains are in agreement) with the player's                               
name and signature. This must be done before the player plays.  Players playing that aren't signed                               
on will result in them losing the frame.  Players can only play for one team in the same season.                               

No new players are allowed to be signed on for a team for the last two fixtures of the season.
No transfers allowed, except in exceptional circumstances and with the committee's agreement.                               
FIXTURES & MATCH FORMAT                               
League matches consist of five singles and two doubles.  Each frame win is worth one team point.                               
Players who have competed in singles games may also compete in a doubles game. Doubles                               
frames may be played at any time during a match, providing both captains agree.                               
Fixtures will be scheduled to be played on Sunday evenings at 8pm.  All fixtures must be played on                               
the date allocated on the fixture list.  Any rearrangements must be mutually agreed between both                               
captains; the secretary informed and played before the next fixture date.                        
It is a requirement that a team has a minimum of four players to compete in a match.  The first                               
player must be at the venue and ready to start the match at 8pm.  The first frame can be claimed                               
if there is no player available at 8pm. If no players are available by 9pm the match can be claimed                               
7-0. Teams not completing 80% of their matches may be expelled from the league.                               
Any player(s) that is/are absent, the point(s) are awarded to the opposition.                               
Where a team does not have a fifth player, their opponent's fifth player will be awarded the                               
win for the merits; this win will be equal to beating the bottom player in the merits ranking list, for the                               
purposes of any count-back for tied positions.                               
If a team cancels a match within 24 hours, or fails to turn up, they will be fined 10, this will be used                               
to reimburse the home venue to cover the food they have prepared.                               
Frames should be played with reasonable continuity, i.e. within no more than five minutes of the                                  
previous frame finishing.  Teams not complying with this will forfeit the frame, unless captains agree                               
Players arriving at the venue after 9pm can not take part in the match, unless captains agree                               
In league matches the home team breaks and ref's frames one, three, five and seven.  The away                               
team breaks and ref's frames two, four and six.  The home team pays for all frames.                               
All frames to be played in accordance with the World Eight-ball Pool Federation rules (World Rules)                               
with the exception of Rule I: Time Allowed - and Rule K: Coaching (players can ask the ref or team                               
captain advice on the rules but not shot selection). A referee - at their own discretion - can advise                               
players about slow play and encourage against such slow play.                               
Also - in doubles frames - players can only discuss shots before their first shot and not on subsequent                               
shots during the same visit and can not communicate further after a player has touched the table.                               
Only captains or referees are allowed to advise players during a game, but they are only allowed to                               
advise on the rules and are not allowed to coach in any way.                               
Any disputes must be recorded and attached to the result sheet, which must be left unsigned.                               
A fee of 10 must accompany any dispute; this fee is refundable, should the dispute be valid..                               
KNOCKOUT COMPETITIONS (KOs)                               
In team/trios KO matches the toss of a coin will decide who breaks and referees first and after this the                               
break and refereeing will be alternate. In all other KO matches the toss of a coin decides the first break.                               
Team KO matches are the best of seven frames (as per league), trios KO is the best of five frames                               
(three singles, one doubles and a trios frame). Singles and doubles KOs are the best                               
of five frames. 

The final of the singles KO and the doubles KO will be played over seven frames. Players can not be
substituted, save for exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the committee.

Players failing to attend finals nights may be banned from future events.               

PLEASE NOTE: In the Doubles KO, players must break alternate within their pairings.       
RESULT SHEETS                               
League match results sheets should be posted on the League's official Facebook page no later than
midnight on the Monday following the game. This shall be the responsibility of the winning team's                               
captain or his or her's nominated deputy. Result sheets should be kept by the captain or their deputy
for the remainder of the season, should the committee need to see, in case of any issues.

Failure to post a photo of the result sheet will result in a 10 fine against the winning team.
Each league season will have a merits competition where players will be ranked solely on singles                               
frames won.  In the event of a tie, the rankings of all the players the tied players beat are added                               
up and the player with the lowest aggregate finishes highest.  The top two players from each                               
division will compete in the merits finals nights in a seeded competition over the best of 5 frames                               
and the final being the best of 7. Players failing to attend finals night may be banned from events.
Any team or player found guilty by the committee of verbal, racial or physical abuse of another team                               
or player will have a penalty imposed by the committee, the maximum being a ban from playing in                               
the league.  Any team or player making a false or unsubstantiated verbal, racial or physical abuse                               
accusation, or fails to fully co-operate with the committee's inquiries, will face the same penalties.

Players are expected to stay at all finals nights for the presentaion of prizes.

Failure to do so for whatever reason may result in a ban for the player.                              
A team or player found guilty of removing any object from a match venue without authorisation, will                               
be banned from playing in the league.                               
Bans will be for a period of time decided at the discretion of the committee. The committee also                                
have the right to report banned players to the EPA.                               
NOTE: all of the above includes abuse on all forms of social media.